Tracks ministry was how it all began, although distribution of tracks and leaflets did touch some non-believers it was not enough to draw more souls, therefore we decided to change our strategy, which ultimately led us to this path of evangelism

What is the purpose?

Door to Door ministry targets people of all ages, this form of evangelism is useful as it provides a more in depth reach to spread the gospel, this is because sharing the love of Jesus in person, without the other factors diverting the attention of listeners presents a greater chance of them accepting Christ.

How it has worked out?

Some homes are welcoming others are not. Couple of family’s have been touched, and have been moved by the power of Christ, several have even attended our church for prayers, counselling and moral support.

What are the future plans?

The future plan of this ministry is to involve more children to take part, this will nurture and build them up as mighty vessels of God, furthermore we are also looking for ways to expand in other Localities and communities.

Share the Love of God!