Proverbs 15:19

the way of the upright is a highway”

Greetings in the name of our lord Jesus Christ. In this article, we will see the next part of the verse- the righteous. The word righteous or upright means morally right or justifiable. It means to be good, innocent, honest, to do good and act right in all ways. Biblically speaking it means to be blameless, sinless, guiltless and doing good in the sight of the lord.

When we read the first book of Genesis we see the creation of god and if you read it carefully you see that after each creation god acknowledges it by saying its good. He saw his works to be absolutely perfect and flawless. In other words, the world was sinless and blameless.

By creating the first man and the first woman the whole earth with all its creations looked splendid in the eyes of the lord only until they ate the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge. That was not pleasing in the sight of the lord. They broke gods law and ended up in guilt and shame and they were thrown out of the special place called garden of Eden. The good creation of god got contaminated with sin and evil befell in it. Though god cursed them for their sin it is god who made them coats of skins to cover their nakedness (Gen3:20). For the very first time Adam and Eve saw death and blood when god had to kill the animals to cloth him. So now they knew that because of their sin death entered into the world and for their sin the innocent animals had to be sacrificed.

Now it meant more to lead a life pleasing to god to both Adam and Eve. And that’s how we see both their sons Cain and Abel giving sacrifice to god (Gen4:1-4). God is pleased with the Abel’s sacrifice but is not with Cain’s. I am not getting into the sin part here. All I want to tell you is now man knew that he is supposed to please god and to do the right things before the almighty. If he does right he will be rewarded and if not he will be punished for it. It’s interesting that it says that Enoch walked with god and god took him (Gen5:24) and he pleased god (Heb11:5). To walk with god is all about to love and obey god by all means and that defines the biblical righteousness.

In the bible, we read about righteous men like Enoch (Heb11:4), Noah (Gen6:9), Abraham (Gen15:6), Lot (Gen18:23), Job (Job1:8) and kings like David (1Kings14:8), king Asa (1kins15:11), King Hezekiah (2Kings18:5,6), King Josiah (2 kings22:2).

The bible says Joseph the husband of mary (Luk23:50) and Cornelius (Acts10:1), john the Baptist(Mark6:20), Simeon (luke2:25) to be just people.In Hebrews chapter 11 we read more names including the harlot rahab who did the right thing before god.Lets not forget that god gave ten commandments to his people through Moses. Though those commandments and laws paved way for the Israelites to lead a life that would be pleasing to god, they were not enough to make a person righteous. Those commandments and laws were given by god to them not to make them righteous but to show them that man is a sinner. As Paul says we are not made righteous by our deeds but only by faith in Christ who died for us to redeem us form sin (Rom3:21-24).

To be continued…

God bless you all. Amen.