Waiting, waiting aaaand waiting

Isaiah 40:31

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

We recently had three days prayer festival where the man of god preached on Isaiah 40:31 and took in depth about the concept of spiritual waiting and it’s blessings. It was really a blessed meeting. As I returned home after the prayer festival and pondered about the waiting period I felt an inner urge to write about what makes a believer so frustrated about waiting.

If someone tells you to pray, am sure you would listen to his story and will pray about it with compassion and encourage him with the word of god and will assure him by saying all his problems will be solved by Jesus one by one in due time. I hope as a matured believer in Jesus Christ you would finish the conversation by telling him to wait and receive. As the word wait hits that persons ear the most likely thing you would hear him tell you is about how long he is been waiting and how critical the issue is and a saddened face with a question asking how long. I know this as I have always been through those long waiting in my spiritual journey.

The main reason for this is, we are controlled by our emotions. We should learn how to control our emotions and not act emotionally. God didn’t make us like plastics but with feelings and emotions. God too has emotions and that’s why we see his love for the sinners and anger for sin and his joy when a sinner is saved. But God doesn’t act emotionally like us.

What about the mockery? Every believer is mocked for his belief in Jesus. His own brothers mocked at him (John 7:3-7). Did he ever tell that it hurts him or feels bad about it? He didn’t talk emotionally but replied them that his time hasn’t come. There was no emotional reaction when we read the conversation of Pilate and Jesus (John 18:28-40). Is there anywhere in the bible we read that Jesus felt bad when one of the thieves mocked at him. Look at the conversation of Jesus with the Emmaus disciples (Luke 24:13-33). In verse 17 where Jesus asks them about what is it all about their serious discussions I could only sense little sarcasm because all that they were discussing was about him and how cruelly he was crucified which was the reason of their deep sadness. In the entire conversation with them we do not find any emotional talks. Because they were in such sadness of his loss he didn’t join them in pity party and nor in any revenge talks. He spoke about the truth alone. He moved on to the next level of his ministry. How many times we find ourselves in situations that instead of preaching the word of God we play a major role in their pity party. I myself have found in such situations too. This character of Jesus really impresses me not to be emotionally bound to whatever situations it may be.

Jesus loved Martha, Mary and Lazarus and he was closely associated with that family. Lazarus got sick and the news was sent to Jesus about his sickness. John 11 verse 5,6 we read that because Jesus loved Lazarus he stayed there for another two days. He didn’t pack up but waited. And there was no emotional reaction from him but only looked in fulfilling the will of God. That’s why his ministry was indeed a marvellous one. Waiting brings Gods glory and when the dead Lazarus came alive from the tomb after four days, it was not only the greatest miracle ever done and happened in history but it brought a great glory to God.

If you have been waiting for too long remember because Jesus loves you he has put that wait only for a greater miracle and a greater glory of God. While writing this article I was truly blessed by the revelation on waiting and I hope this article helps you too in understanding about waiting upon the lord patiently and do seek the help of the Holy Spirit to cut off the emotional bondage’s. Pray to get strength like Jesus to control your emotions and not to act according to your emotions. Let it never control you.

God bless you all. Amen.