2 Kings 8:6

And when the king asked the woman, she told him. So, the king appointed unto her a certain officer, saying, restore all that was hers, and all the fruits of the field since the day that she left the land, even until now”

When we read the above verse it’s clear that god restores the land of this woman that she might have lost. Before I discuss this further I urge you to read the verse from 1to 6. She is the Shunamite woman that we read in 2kings:4. There’s no name given to her but it does say that she was from the place called Shunamite. She was a god-fearing lady and greeted Elisha to stay in her house and treated him with great love and care. She also made an upper room and the bible says that she put a table, chair, a bed and a lamp for him to stay conveniently. Whenever Elisha visited the place he stayed in her home and one day after seeing her kindness towards them he asked the lady if she wanted any favour from him so that he can talk to the king or the commander of the army as he had good connect with the people in higher authorities. Surprisingly the woman rejects his offer telling him that she is well off and doesn’t need any of that. At the same time, he gets to know from his servant Gehazi that this woman has no child and also her husband is old. Elisha moved with compassion calls that lady and tells her that she will bear a child giving her some signs as confirmation and just as said by Elisha she gives birth to a baby boy. She was not only a god-fearing woman but a woman of faith. On a fine day when she finds her only son to be dead without panicking she goes alone to meet Elisha and Elisha comes back to her home where she had put her child on the upper room in Elisha’s bed. We can read how Elisha made the dead boy come alive in 2 kings4 from verses 32 to 37. This is one of the marvellous work of god done by the servant of god, Elisha.

With this backdrop let’s move on to our main story. A god-fearing woman and a woman of faith is also an obedient lady who moves to the land of philistine along with all her household as told to her by Elisha that the land will be hit by a great famine for seven long years. After the completion of those seven years she returns to the country only to find that her house and land to be occupied by strangers. What would you do if you find your property to be taken by other men. You would seek the help of the authorities right. She too did the same. She tried to seek the help from the local authorities to the higher level. When all these didn’t get her any justice she finally appealed to the king. Let’s not forget one thing that you can not straight away see the king but in all these painstaking deals she didn’t murmur with the “why” and “what” questions and neither she waited for Elisha to appear one day to use his influence with the authorities and king to get her property back. She knew one thing for sure that If you have obeyed god and end up in facing hurdles hang on with the faith and do the right thing and believe that god will give you victory. And that’s something that we must learn from this Shunamite woman. She was a good believer. I know I am dealing with the twists that god does in a believer’s life. So, you may ask where’s the twist here in the story. These are the twists that god alone can do. Let’s get back to the main story now.

The woman is called to see the king or in other words her petition will now be looked upon by the king himself and not to forget that an appointment with the king is a serous business. Just before she could be called by the king we find the king talking with Gehazi, the servant of Elisha, where he describes about the great works of his master including the miracle of the dead boy coming alive. It was such an interesting talk for the king that we read in the verse 5 that the Shunamite woman was called in to meet the king. Do you now see the twists? I do not understand how come a king would himself disrupt an interesting conversation and how is Gehazi is there with the king just before the arrival of this lady. It’s not coincidence my beloved readers it’s gods twists. Gehazi is surprised at seeing her and tells the king that she is the mother of that child and tells the king to hear it from her own mouth. Here come the second twist the king instead of looking into her petition is now keen to know more about about Elisha and his works. The most exciting twists happens when the king gives order to restore her property back to her. Oh, wait is that all? No. He appoints a special officer to look into her case to make sure that she gets everything she wanted so that she need not hither and thither for the same. Is that all? No. The highest twist in the story is about the order of the king to give her all the income of her land from the day she left the country until now. Oh my god. Did you read that. Oh, she got the income for the famine time of seven years. Is it not true according to psalmist that those who seek the lord shall lack no good thing psalm 34:10. Our lord satisfies us in the famine times according to psalm 37:19. The twist didn’t really end up here. If you would know who the king was, then you will know how far god pours out his grace upon us. The kings name is Ben-Hadad, who ruled Syria and fought many wars with Israel when Ahab was the king (1 Kings 20 : 1,2). He didn’t know the God of Israel and neither was a God-fearing man but God made him to listen to the miracles done by Elisha and and used him to favour the Shunamite lady. Isn’t that awesome in the entire part of the story.

Have you been obedient to the lord and is facing a famine time only because you obeyed to the word of god. Do you treat the servant of god with kindness and love and you do all the church work including all you Offerings with great passion towards the lord? To you I say that there are many good twists that you can hardly ever imagine. We have such an awesome god that he would do such amazing things in your life too. None of your efforts for God will go in vain. You will reap not only in heaven but also in this world and will be fruitful and multiply according to Isaiah 27:6. I have witnessed such good twists that god alone did in my life and I know he will do the same in the life of those who are reading this. Write to me when you witness such blessings.

God bless you all. Amen.

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