Greetings in the name of our lord Jesus Christ. Christmas is around the corner and we see the Christmas decorations everywhere and as we walk down the streets the festive mood is all set which does instil the joy in us. Though we feel the joy let’s think for a moment is this the real joy of Christmas. Surely not. It’s not like every other festival. It’s not the celebration of an event that others do but it’s the celebration of joy and hope that it brings not only on the Christmas day but all through the days of our life. It lies in the purpose behind the Christmas day.

The Christmas day as people call is the birthday of Jesus the Messiah was born as prophesied by the Prophet Isaiah (Isaiah7:14). And we do see the prophesy come true through the virgin Mary bearing a son and calling him Immanuel (Mathew1:22). God fulfilled his promise with a purpose and the real joy and hope can come to you only if you know the purpose.

Anyone reading this would say oh well the purpose of sending Jesus was to destroy the evil which is right but when we read John3:16, it says that God so loved the world that he gave his only son. The purpose of god sending his son Jesus to this world is not only to save you and this world from evil but he did this out of love not out of any obligations. He gave his best thing that he had, his son the most precious one. The real joy and hope of Christmas is linked with this love of God and knowing that love will make you to share the same love and joy and hope to others.

Let’s look into the scripture for this. Psalm 113:7,8 says He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; he seats them with princes, with the princes of his people. Though this verse seems to be easily understood, I tell you it’s not unless you really get into the meaning of each word used in the verse. The meaning of the word “raise” and “lift” is almost the same. Both means “to move to a higher position or level” but the verb form of raise means “to increase the amount, level or strength of”. This verse could have just ended up by saying that He raises the poor and lifts the needy as both the term denotes the lack of money or necessities of life. But god wants to emphasize more on his action. He does wants to raise the poor and the needy but from where is the point. The meaning of dust is “waste matter lying on the ground or carried away in the air” and the meaning of ash is “the powdery residue left after the burning of a substance”.

You may be poor financially but still have a job and a house to stay. It’s not about the condition of poverty or lack of something but it talks about how far god can reach the poorest of poor, ignored in every way, looked down upon in every way and having no option, no chance, no source to even come out of the dust and the ash heap. In simple term an absolute useless condition that it can only be thrown away. Poor man is already ignored in this world and what if the same man sitting on a pile of ashes! World sees it to be the right place and ignores him but god sees that poor man sitting on the dust and says come on my son, arise from the ash heap that I may lift you up high and will make you to sit among the princes of this world and with my people. After all he is up to give beauty for all your ashes (Isaiah61:3).

You may be poor financially, poor in health, poor in getting an upliftment in your work place, poor in knowledge or wisdom, poor in peace, poor in being holy and totally ignored that you only might wish to be burned down with the ashes that you are already in. Or do you say that I have this but I don’t have that. For example, I have an excellent master’s degree but have no job, or have got an excellent job but waiting for a partner for a long time, or have wealth but no health etc., etc. with one thing in common, being ignored and absolutely helpless. For everyone whoever is reading this, I want to tell you that Psalm 113:7,8 talks about how god is able to lift up the poorest of poor in every means.

A poor in general lacks everything even the basics so how can he ever dream of sitting with the princes without the prince’s robe! Come on where would he ever get the money to buy the princely dresses? Hey he needs wisdom to discuss the kingly discussions? Oh, my goodness he needs to know the manners and protocols of the princess too? Oh, my he has only the experience of being poor and poor and poor. You put endless questions and there you get your answers. God is the source, He is the provider (Genesis22:14). He is the guide (Isaiah58:11). He gives wisdom and knowledge (James1:5). He is the teacher (Psalms 32:8).

God bless you all. Amen.