Matthew 1:21-23


First let me wish you all a happy Christmas. My heart is full of joy to know that we have a saviour who cares for us and who looks after us. If you ask your little boy about his favourite play character, he would be delighted to tell you about his superheroes such as batman or superman kind. And what about your little girl? Oh, she too has got her favourite ones and she would be more glad to tell you about the princess characters and about their magic world. I hope you can now understand how these kids get excited about these play characters. Yes, these are so valuable to them because their tiny hearts see, think and love about how their favourite characters look, fight, win and do all wonderful things against their enemies. I am sure that this is all they know though they have got no idea if they really exist in the world or not. But once they grow up, their matured heart and mind would tell them that they were so childish to believe all those stuffs which never existed and were just comic characters. Even I was like that in my childhood days and now I know how childish I was. Oh man, why am I saying all these? Wait, I have a reason. As I said I was fond of these play characters I am still fond of a character at this very age. I am not a kid anymore but I still adore a character, a real character, a real super hero who is so close to my heart. Guess who that could be? Oh it is Jesus, my Jesus, the real super hero, the Immanuel who was born only to die for my sins and for your sins. Yes, I am talking about Jesus the Immanuel.

If you read the scripture from Matthew Chapter 1 and from verses 18 to 24, it describes about the conception and birth of Jesus Christ. In verse 23, we see the angel telling Joseph that according to the scripture that is according to the prophecy the messiah will be born and they shall call him as Immanuel which is recorded in Isaiah 7:14. What does Immanuel means? It means god with us. He was born to be with us today, tomorrow and forever and ever after. Wow, what a wonderful god we have got who wants to be with us always.

He is mighty and powerful, holy and without sin. He is the alpha and the omega. He is the beginning and the end. He is the creator of all. He is the king of kings and lord of lords. Yet, he was born to be with sinners like us. He came to dwell in this world which is full of sin, filth, poverty, lust, selfishness and where there is darkness all around but then with a mission to buy us with his blood. Common people rejoice that we have a lord who wants to be with us, with you and with me.

Do you say that you are alone? No, you are not. God, the Immanuel is with you. Do you feel lonely? No, you can’t feel so. God, the Immanuel is with you. Do you say that no one cares for you? No, you can’t say so. God, the Immanuel is there to take care of you. Whatever desperate situations you may be in, I have good news. The good news is, Jesus, the Immanuel (god with us) is with us. This is the real meaning of Christmas. It is not about just the Santa Claus or about exchanging the gifts what we broadly know. It is all about saying to people that Jesus was born as Immanuel to be with us. This is the real Christmas gift. You may have got so many gifts for this Christmas but, have you got the real gift “the Immanuel “in your life? If not, why don’t you call upon his name and ask to come and dwell in your heart. Confess your sins and accept Jesus as your saviour and the Immanuel will immediately come in your life. And I am sure this is the most expensive and priceless gift that you can ever have in your life. Simply ask and receive him in your life and let the Immanuel be with you always. And enjoy your Christmas with your real superhero who will guard and protect you from all evil and will not forsake you nor leave you alone because he has already proved that before by giving his life on the cross for us so that we can always trust on him without any doubt and fear. So just run towards him who is waiting to embrace you with his arms open wide. Choose your everlasting gift and have a blessed Christmas.

God bless you all. Amen.

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