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Greetings in the holy name of our Lord Jesus Christ!!

Good Shepherd Jesus Christ Church is a pentecostal independent church bringing revival in London for the glory of his kingdom. The Sunday service is conducted at St. Michael’s & All Angels church Hall, Wallington, London. Worship is conducted in both English and Tamil languages welcoming all walks of people from different cultures and reaching out to the world through out-reach ministry and Radio, Media, TV-ministry, Cell group ministry, Residential-Home Visit and Missionary Support across the World.

Humble invitation is extended to all to learn the word of God and participate in joyful worship and receive anointing and blessings through Holy Spirit.

About Pastor Samuel Raja and Sister Benitta:

Pastor Samuel was born into a very pious and respected Christian family in Tamil Nadu. He married Sister Benitta in 1998, they had a compassionate heart for those who are suffering and in need and was urged in the spirit to do something for the lord and the perishing souls. After marriage they moved to Malaysia in 1999. They started doing voluntary mission work whenever they find time. The God who knows the thirst of every soul anointed them according to Jeremiah 1:10.

By the leading of the lord, they moved to UK in 2003. As their passion and zeal to serve The Lord grew day by day, the anointing in them began to overflow as well. According to (II Samuel 5:10 David waxed exceedingly great day by day), in the year 2010, god by his abundance of grace and according to his perfect calling appointed Pastor Samuel Raja to begin a powerful ministry in GSJCC.

The Lord began to use Sister Benitta mightily as a worship leader, counsellor, and a powerful preacher. She also leads cell group meetings and trains prayer warriors. Despite being a mighty servant of God, she never forsakes her compassionate heart which still reaches multitudes of desperate and destitute souls. Above all, through her prayer of faith and authority, she moves heaven and earth to receive blessing and healing for the people in need.